How to hook up digital antenna to multiple tvs

Like you did, run your antenna into an unused cable outlet as close to the antenna as possible.

Removed the rca and i connected the mohu leaf to the long cable in the attic, put it in the same place the amplified antenna was located.

When on antenna tv simultaneously playing both tvs w/both remotes powered the red led lights on either in the off position if one or the other is then turned off, otherwise good strong reception cuz cont.

Find out if you need an amplifier as you learn the difference between antenna gain and amplifier gain.

The multiple output ports on the rf splitter, you will run a coaxial cable out to the different tv sets in your home.

If you want to use an amp, youll have to move it up to the attic or wherever your antenna is.

How to hook up outdoor antenna to multiple tvs

Detailed instructions on how to Install an over the air TV Antenna for free HDTV

I created this video because it is very hard to find comprehensive detail on how to install an over the air tv antenna with Pre-amp ...

What amplified outdoor / attic antenna do you recommended that gets the greatest distance / most channels / best reception?

I connected the rca to an existing cable in the attic for the antenna and the other end to my interior box, my splitter and then to each tv.

My question is that i want to use the idea of one antenna to the whole house system (which would be two t.

Are my recommended tools and supplies if you want to run your own cable:Method #4: one antenna with tablo wireless!

So, you definitely dont want an antenna with a reflector (which blocks signals from the opposite direction).

! i have 1 hd tv and several sd sets still (2 small flat screens and 2 tube sets) i was wondering what the best antenna would be for this set up?

How to hook up digital antenna to multiple tvs

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I purchased an rca amplified antenna on sale from walmart and a mohu metro leaf.

Use a basic coaxial cable to run from your antenna into the single input port.

But then that is so far from the antenna/cable hook up located underneath the stairs, etc.

If the broadcast towers are over 50 miles away, most likely you will have to mount an antenna in the attic or on the roof.

I think ill get a spliter/ amplifier do you think that will help me get more channels, or should i get that plus the mohu leaf antenna ?

There are severalways i know of to get an antenna signal to all of the tvs in your home.

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You have multiple tvs, and your cable run is short, you can use a splitter like this one:But, most of the time youll want to add an amplifier, and so youll want to use a distribution amplifier to split your signal to all of your tvs:The distribution amplifier should be close to the antenna, so that the signal is amplified as soon as possible:If you have a lot of cabling to run, you might want to invest in a spool of cable and a special kitthat enables you to cut custom lengths and attach connectors at each end.

Cables do degrade the tv signal, but having the antenna high up is more important.

Following the directions in this post, you can hook up one antenna to two tvs to watch different programming.

Have 4 tvs in my home so i decided to try an amplified antenna in the attic using the existing cable runs and distribution box after cancelling my cable.

Doing any of this, i recommend buying a single antenna and trying it out at each tv location.

Above: my cable from the hd antenna in the attic is plugged into the closest wall jack that connects to the splitter in the basement.

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Splitter (purchase a 2-way splitter if connecting antenna to 2 tvs, 3-way splitter if connecting to 3 tvs).

Monoprice 110013 premium 2-way coax cable splitter is available from these retailers:Monoprice 110013 premium 2-way coax cable splitter f-type screw for video vcr cable tv antenna (110013).

Updated: wednesday, may 3, 2017how can i share one over the air antenna to multiple tvs?

, too am cutting cable and clearly understand your instructions for connecting to my attic-installed antenna.

So next i unhooked the other cable from the other splitter and hooked up the coax from our hd antenna which i positioned just outside the basement sliding glass doors and pointed it to the best signal.

Right now i have tried hooking the antenna cable into the amp/splitter and have one antenna hooked into one of the former cable outlets by one of the t.

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The great part about using an over the air antenna is, you can tap into the existing wiring to plug in your hd antenna.

Your antenna is now hooked up to multiple tvs, allowing you to enjoy free hd over-the-air programming on all of your televisions.

Currently have directv and was wondering if i can use the same cables connected to the dish and connect them to an antenna instead?

My coax is plugged in at the antennas signal collector box, then at the tv coax is screwed into amplifier then amplifier is screwed on to tv.

You are not able to put an antenna in your roof, then i like the mohu leaf.

Recommend the mohu sky antenna:Be sure to put the amp near the antenna, not near a tv.

.s on the first floor as well)but are you saying that i actually need to hook the actual antenna to that box which is located underneath my stairs?

We still receive some channels through twc but want to start using our hdtv over the air antenna.

Ive personally used both services multiple times, and have had very positive results with them.

Next i plugged in the coaxial cable from the antenna wall jack into the input of the splitter.

So, its not surprising that one of the most common questions i get asked is whether or not its possible to connect multiple tvs to a single antenna.

Youre going to drive 3 tvs, i would suggest adding an amplifier, placed near the antenna.

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