Radiometric dating continental drift

He was the first earth scientist to grasp the mechanical and thermal implications of mantle convection, and he widely applied the newly-developed method of radioactive dating to minerals in the first attempt to quantitatively estimate the age of the earth.

Radiometric dating continental drift

Kent Hovind 5. Pangaea, Continental Drift, Radiometric Dating, And More.

Debunking more of Kent Hovind's crazy claims in part 5 of this series. ---------------links------------------ Earths magnetic field: ...

Like wagener, one of the most remarkable attribute about holmes is he proposed his hypothesis at a time when continental drift was not accepted within the scientific community.

Holmes knew his hypothesis to continental drift theory needed to necessitate more evidence in order to either disprove or prove.

Continental Drift

A brief introduction to continental drift.

Holmes achieved creditability upon him demonstrating his dating capabilities early on by estimating rock samples from various geologic periods.

Alfred Wegener and the Continental Drift

Alfred Wegener, a scientist from Germany's theory was the continental drift. Initially, it was rejected. Thirty years, later, Harry Hess ...

Holmes also revolutionized the way we carbon date within the geology field through radioactive dating.

Fossil Rock Anthem

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Holmes continued the works of wagener elaborating the continental drift theory, which is now known as plate tectonics.

Advocated the theory of continental drift fostered by alfred wegener at a time when it was profoundly unfashionable with conformist.

The Theory of Continental Drift

This video wiill go over Alfred Wegner's Theory of Continental Drift, what he stated and the evidence he used to support his theory.