What is It Matters Ottawa?

It Matters Ottawa is a statewide campaign that is one of the strategies of the Ottawa Community Advisory Group.  This campaign is primarily geared toward preventing underage drinking through media education concepts, but is also developing messages around marijuana prevention for future use.  To see the full campaign, go to www.itmattersks.org.

Who is the Ottawa Community Advisory Group?

This advisory group began in the Spring of 2012, led by school district members, to review the challenges facing public education and our district, specifically those connected to negative student behaviors. The questions they asked were:

  • How can we enlist community support?
  • How can we coordinate community services to best serve our at-risk, behaviorally challenged students?
  • How do we identify the problem and streamline interventions to best help students?
  • What should this process look like?

After this meeting, a Community Conversation lunch was held and many organizations and stakeholders were invited to attend and brainstorm resources, challenges, and solutions in the following areas.  These areas are now the 4 main subcommittees for the advisory group:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Prevention
  2. Parental & Community Involvement
  3. Truancy
  4. Problem Behaviors

Our purpose is to make Ottawa a safe and healthy community through family involvement, partner collaboration and promotion of local resources.

Click here for a current list of community partners.

How can I get involved?

We invite you to join our monthly meeting at the USD 290 District Office.  Call 785.841.4138 or Email: info@itmattersottawa.org for the date and time and to be added to the email reminder list.

For updated information, announcements, videos, articles, and more, we invite you to like us on facebook and encourage you to invite others who may be interested. We may surprise you with promos for free stuff, so like us today!

 This website was developed under a grant  from the Office of Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services-Behavioral Health Services.

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